Directory listing for WHOI cruise data

WHOI ships at the pier Directory listing for WHOI cruise data

Click links below to view directories or download files. Some directories may be empty due to collecting error or omission. These are raw data files as furnished by the WHOI Shipboard Scientific Support Group.

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[PARENTDIR]Parent Directory  -  
[DIR]AT026L05/2020-08-25 11:30 -  
[   ]CRUISE_ID2013-12-11 10:05 8  
[TXT]Diskinfo.txt2013-12-11 10:05 1.2K 
[DIR]adcp/2013-12-11 10:06 -  
[   ]at26-05.md5deep2013-12-11 10:05 795K 
[   ]at26-05_cruiseletter2013-12-11 10:05 5.8K 
[DIR]doc/2013-12-11 10:06 -  
[DIR]multibeam/2013-12-11 10:06 -  
[DIR]underway/2013-12-11 10:18 -  

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