CruiseName: Guaymas Basin DEC 2008   CruiseId: AT15-40
Location: Guaymas Basin
DiveNumber: 4492
Start Time: 2008/12/16 16:12:39
End Time: 2008/12/16 21:38:51
Pilot: Sean Kelley
Observer1: Mike Skowronski
Observer2: Alban Ramette
Synopsis: Collected Benthic Chamber and put it on elevator. Released elevator. Went south east corner to begin survey. Went north stopped at mkr B and took 5 cores (4-MPI & 1-WHOI), tooked temp. Found Spires north of grid, 2-WHOI cores. Headed south and found large spires in south east corner. Spent time mapping the spires with sonar. 2-WHOI cores. Head north on new track and stopped at mrk 6. Sample shimmering water with slurps and collected riftia. Headed to mkr 1 to collect RCM. Released weights and came home.
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