CruiseID: AT15-40   CruiseName: Guaymas Basin DEC 2008
Alvin DivePilotObservers Synopsis
4492 Sean Kelley Mike Skowronski
Alban Ramette
Collected Benthic Chamber and put it on elevator. Released elevator. Went south east corner to begin survey. Went north stopped at mkr B and took 5 cores (4-MPI & 1-WHOI), tooked temp. Found Spires north of grid, 2-WHOI cores. Headed south and found large spires in south east corner. Spent time mapping the spires with sonar. 2-WHOI cores. Head north on new track and stopped at mrk 6. Sample shimmering water with slurps and collected riftia. Headed to mkr 1 to collect RCM. Released weights and came home.