CruiseID: AT18-03   CruiseName: NRDA Response GOM 2010    View Highlights:
Alvin DivePilotObservers Synopsis
4660 Dave Walter   Chuck Fisher
Mike deGruy  
High definition video of 2 different affected rocks. Sampled a coral and pushcores near the coral. Transited along a ridge and then took images of more affect corals. Took a slurp sample of what is on corals.  
4661 Mike Skowronski   Tim Shank
Helen White  
LAnded and headed to elevator. Camera on elevator was not working properly so it was released for recovery and repair. Headed tto Dying Corals site and imaged corals on south west and nort east sides of site. Collected Coral at mkr M and 6 push core near mkr AA on other side of river. Dropped weights and headed up.  
4662 Bruce Strickrott   Erik Cordez
Pen Yuan Hsing  
started at elevator, deployed at mkr 44 coral imaged corals, collected coral cut, collected coral, slurped coral, collected 2nd coral collected tube cores moved to wp2 collected mussels and tubes in rna moved to mkr 46 collected tube cores collected worms  
4663 Sean Kelley   Chris German
Andrea Quatrini  
Worked at MC388 video imaged corals. Sampled corals. Sampled tubeworms. Took push cores.  
4664 Dave Walter   Chuck Fisher
Mike deGruy  
Repositioned elevator so it was properly aligned on coral. Imaged several coral. Collected 1 coral in RNA-Later, slurped 2 sets of corals and 6 pushcores.