CruiseName: EPR 2014   CruiseId: AT26-23
Location: EPR
DiveNumber: 4762
Start Time: 2014/11/06 15:43:07
End Time: 2014/11/06 21:39:09
Pilot: Bruce Strickrott
Observer1: Katie Scott
Observer2: Jefferson Grau
Synopsis: We were tasked with collecting a black smoker from Bio9, Riftia, and 4 IGT samples at Crab Spa. On the way down, the starbourd thruster developed a ground fault. Based on diminished maneuverability we decided to punt on the black smoker collection and move on to the water sample and Riftia collections. We cruised to Crab Spa, where we took four IGT samplers at 18-32C from the shimmering water emerging from the top of the feature. From there, we went to the base of the feature where there is a large Riftia clump. We temperature-probed the clump, collected four water samples using the Wheat squeezer samplers, and collected many small Riftia from the clump. Bruce trained Jefferson how to collect Riftia without damaging them, and Jefferson did a great job with this. We still had a little time, so we cruised toward Bio9 to perhaps collect a smoker, but ran out of time before we found a suitable smoker to collect. It was a very successful dive.
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