CruiseName: EPR 2014   CruiseId: AT26-23
Location: EPR
DiveNumber: 4763
Start Time: 2014/11/08 15:36:50
End Time: 2014/11/08 21:28:39
Pilot: Phil Forte
Observer1: Craig Taylor
Observer2: Jeremy Rich
Synopsis: The first item of business was the deployment of the Vent-SID, that was deployed to the bottom within ~50 m of the sampling site via hydro-wire the night before. The instrument was brought to a site (x-4575 y-78160) that had a crack in the sea floor that was emanating vent fluids at about 40 C. The instrument umbilicus wand was inserted into the crack and the instrument initiated for automated sampling and tracer incubations (19:02 GMT). IGT #6 and #4 were fired at the Vent-SID sampling sight to obtain chemistry and gas samples (17:56, 18:07 GMT for IGT 6 & 4, respectively). Alvin motored to Crab Spa to obtain fluid samples, IGT #'s 2 and 5 (x-4598 y-78148, temp 23-24C. 19:32 & 19:44 GMT, IGT 2, 5 respectively. About 30 mussels were collected at Crab Spa and stored in BioBox (x-4600 y-78150, temperature at sampling site ranged between 4.5-6.0C. 20:00 - 20:05 GMT. Bacterial colonizers (#CV-84 & 85) were placed in a well developed bed of Riftia (x-4595 y-78163), temperatures above the colonizers fluctuated substantially and ranged between 8-12C. 20:16 - 20:20 GMT. Alvin motored to Bio 9 black smokers to collect 2 chimney samples that were deposited in separate small bioboxes. Chimney material with low numbers of Alvanella worms was collected (x4617 y-77996), highest temperature of the fluids exiting the chimney was 361C. 20:48 GMT. A second chimney sample, densely populated with Alvanella was collected (x-4619 y-77984), max temp of emanating fluids, 271C. 21:06 GMT. A niskin bottle was tripped off axis, x-4642 y-77976. 21:18 GMT.
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