CruiseName: EPR 2014   CruiseId: AT26-23
Location: EPR
DiveNumber: 4772
Start Time: 2014/11/18 16:09:49
End Time: 2014/11/18 23:14:12
Pilot: Phil Forte
Observer1: Stefan Sievert
Observer2: Jennifer Barone
Synopsis: We landed on the bottom and proceeded to the Vent-SID. We picked up the Vent-SID and transited to Crab Spa. We positioned the Vent-SID next to the vent and placed the wand in the vent opening. We collected 4 fluid samples from Crab Spa with the IGTs (isobaric gas-tight samplers). We then checked the positioning of the Vent-SID wand and triggered the start of Vent-SID sampling. Next we transited to the Large Volume Pump (LVP) and released it to the surface. Then we located the Mineral Colonizers and loaded them onto the basket. We collected several Riftia nearby and triggered the Niskin bottle. We briefly visited Bio9 (no samples collected) before our ascent.
 Dive at a glance: Camera1, Camera2, TimeSeries Plots, Nav XY-Plot