CruiseID: AT37-14   CruiseName: Happy Fun Cruise 2017    View Highlights:
Alvin DivePilotObservers Synopsis
4928 Jefferson Grau   Anthony Tarantino
Earl Buchanan  
Engineering dive. launch target approximately 300 meters southwest of tubeworm headquarters. transited to TWH and proceeded east to conduct engineering tasks. completed VB pump tests, thruster power tests and high power test. Saw tubeworms, clams, crabs, fish, etc. Completed objectives and left bottom at 1400.  
4929 Bruce Strickrott   Anthony Tarantino
CDR Rob Patchin  
7 N basalt seamount. Transited up southern face and observed diverse and dense coral and sponge community.  
4930 Jefferson Grau   PIT Todd Litke
ENG Fran Elder  
Engineering dive: landed at 4350, obtained neutral trim. Half hour cert dive penetrator/hatch seal/viewport checks. Transited down to 4450m, performed variable ballast test- flow in and pump out 50 lbs. Pushcore sampling for power evaluation. Cool.  
4931 W. Bruce Strickrott   PIT Todd Litke
Daniel O'Grady  
Went to Veatch Canyon methane seep sites. P.I.T manuevering training among coral, carbnonate and mussel fields. Drove SE to reach 1500 meters for port forward viewport checks. Drove north and found another large seep site at approx 1410 meters.  
4932 Jefferson Grau   PIT Danik Forsman
Scott Waters  
Started dive south of 7 coral. Practiced pushcores and various other pilot techniques. Headed north and found more corals, practised set up and emergency steering.