R/V Oceanus Data CD Directory Information
20 January 2007

ReadMe.txt      This file.

CRUISE_ID       A text file containing the ship, voyage and cruise designator
                for the data contained on this disk  (i.e. KN182-5  => Cruise 5
                of the 182nd Knorr voyage).

adcp            RDI 75/150 kHz Ocean Surveyor ADCP data files
athena/Calliope Surface "underway" data (IMET and Navigation log files)
ctd             SeaBird 911+ CTD raw data files
ctd/process     SeaBird 911+ CTD processed data files
ctd/raw_ascii   SeaBird 911+ CTD raw ascii files
knudsen         Knudsen 12 kHz and 3.5 kHz chirp sonar bathymetry data
gravity		Gravimeter data, gravimeter installed for OC449
pictures        Directory containing image files provided by the science party
share           Directory for shared science files
share/imet	IMET data from the special IMET equipment for OC449
share/serialio	data collection programs for special IMET equipment for OC449
xbt             Sippican XBT data files

If a particular directory is not present on the Data CD, it indicates that
no data of that type was collected during the cruise.  Additional directories
may be added for storing data from special instrumentation.