R/V Oceanus Data CD Directory Information 4 March 2011 ReadMe.txt This file. CRUISE_ID A text file containing the ship, voyage and cruise designator for the data contained on this disk (i.e. OC200-02) adcp 150 kHzOcean Surveyor ADCP data files athena Surface "underway" data (IMET and Navigation log files) ctd SeaBird 911+ CTD raw data files ctd/process SeaBird 911+ CTD processed data files ctd/doc contains calibrations and documentation knudsen_350br Knudsen 12 kHz and 3.5 kHz chirp sonar bathymetry data xbt Sippican XBT data files r2r r2r files If a particular directory is not present on the Data CD, it indicates that no data of that type was collected during the cruise. Additional directories may be added for storing data from special instrumentation.